Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time Traveler's Wife - Filming in Toronto

Did any of you see the front page of Metro News this morning? Check it out here.

I feel like I'm the last to find out about all these exciting events! The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Nieffenegger is possibly my favorite book. It was sort of a wedding present from Rob and we read it together while on our honeymoon 3 years ago. If we ever have a daughter and name her Clare - a reality that becomes ever more possible these days - it will in fact be an homage to the title character of that novel. That's how much we loved that book! (**see note below)

I knew that Brad Pitt's production company had picked up the story before it was even published and that there was a chance that it would become a movie, but I hadn't heard anything else about it until today. As far as I knew, there was no screenplay or cast or director. Apparently, they have all of these and started filming in Toronto on September 8th. According to as much information as I can find online now, they'll be here until the end of November.

I'm really excited about getting to see this movie. I know that there is no way it can live up to the book but I'm excited nonetheless. I think Eric Bana as Henry was a good casting choice. I can totally picture that. I am however, a bit disappointed about the casting of Rachel McAdams as Clare. I'm not sure she's got what it takes to play Clare. In my mind she was always a bit more like Sophie (as in Julian and Sophie) and I just can't see Rachel McAdams playing someone as interesting as that. Perhaps she will surprise me. And, well, we'll just have to see if the guy who directed "Flightplan" can do something right this time.

Now, I'm just so curious that I want to try to catch a glimpse of the set. I'd love to see some of the filming. I'm not sure where exactly in Toronto they are filming but the Ontario production website lists their location as in one of the studio houses near Carlaw and Lakeshore. I might have to drive by sometime next week!

Talk to you soon,
(this is, in fact, my second post in 12 hours..be sure to scroll down and read about our adventures in home destruction!)


** Note: Yes, Rob and I are weirdos. We have already named one of our cats after a character in a book, a cat named Mackerel from Haruki Murakami's The Wind -up Bird Chronicles .

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