Monday, September 24, 2007

Home Repair - Part One

Rob and I had an active and tiring weekend. We started the work on the house that we want to get done before the end of October. Well, to be honest, Rob has the bigger and more 'urgent' job. He's started the process that will eventually mean that we'll have more reliable heating this winter. You'll likely recall from some posts last February that our heating failed us and it got quite cold in our house. Part of the problem is that a couple of our windows leak heat (more than average) - but that part of the problem won't be fixed this year. What we are doing is adding more heat by installing radiant floor heating on our first floor. This floor was the one most in need of heat and, if the 'hot air rises' theory works, it will hopefully provide enough additional heat to the 2nd and 3rd floors that our house will be nice and toasty. After the radiant heating is installed we'll be covering it with new sub-floor and then some engineered bamboo flooring.

So - this weekend was step one: remove the baseboards and the elevated living room area to allow for the installation. Rob was successful in removing most of the baseboards and he made a good dent in the elevated living room, but he didn't quite get it all finished. This is what the living room looks like right now.

Meanwhile, I was working upstairs moving furniture and our things around. My goal: clean up the office area and make room for our guest room furniture, thereby making room for Bean. While I did get a lot done, I wasn't able to get the office cleaned out. I was trying to write out how I'd describe where all the furniture was and where it's going to. However, not only is that kind of boring it's also almost impossible to imagine properly if you've never been here. It would be much better if you all just came for a visit sometime after I get it all done, ok? Meanwhile, I'll attach a few photos as I get things done. The first picture for today is the desk/office area I created for Rob on our 2nd floor.

And do you remember that picture of my pregnant belly from last week?That blank wall I was standing in front of now looks like this:

And of course, last but not least, we got groceries and planned our meals for the week. Despite all that we have ahead of us this week and all that we did on the weekend, we're trying not to sacrifice our home cooked meals. We just tried to keep it simple:

Monday - Falafel, rice, and cucumber salad
Tuesday - (Harvest Moon) Chinese vegetables sauteed, fried rice, perhaps some pork
Wednesday - Spaghetti with mushroom and tomato sauce
Thursday - Eating out in Rochester!!
Friday - Fried Chicken and Couscous salad
Saturday - Hot dog cookout
Sunday - Steak, baked potatoes, and corn

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

Too bad your parents weren't such losers and showed up to help like they were suppose to. Better luck all around next step.