Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kelly's at Crown School

My friend Kelly is a crown attorney. As far as I understand, every year around these time, all the Crowns, with the exception of a skeleton crew that runs bail court and I’m not sure what else, goes to London to get trained up on new topics, new laws, etc.. Since this is one of the only times, EVER, that Kelly gets to check email and blogs freely in the day or night, I promised her I’d write.

Today’s topic is – The Bean (who else?)

Rob and I saw our midwife this morning and got positive report. All is well. For those who like the ‘stats’:

Bean’s heart rate – 150 bpm
My blood pressure – 100/50
Glucose – normal
Protein – normal
Fundal height – 18 cm

And Esther says that she thinks I look great – a nice roundness (she doesn’t weigh me). She did an internal exam as well. Also lookin’ good! (Hmm.. perhaps that’s not appropriate blog talk?)

Otherwise, not too much news to report. I’ve really outgrown my clothes. I can wear anything that I normally wear if it happened to have an elastic waist or a draw string (in other words, my dance pants) and that’s about it. Time to go shopping for Fall!

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

Does Esther have you convinced that you should not weigh yourself?

Rebecca said...

So far, I've only weighed myself twice and other than for curiosity I doubt there will be much need to weigh myself.