Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard on an Ultimate Field

I went to watch Rob's team play last night. This is a team I've never played with so, I don't really know anybody that well. However, I'm pretty sure I've played against some of these guys for so long that I practically know them. The best example was Rob's team's sub for last night - Greg. Don't know his last name but he plays for Throw Les Vaches and seems like not only a great player but a great teammate as well. I've noticed every time I've played against him that he always plays with excellent spirit of the game as well as intensity and enthusiasm.

Well, last night during the game Greg said what is likely The Funniest Thing I've Ever Heard on an Ultimate Field. Here's the situation .. there's a guy on offence (GOF) who has just caught the disc in the vicinity of the endzone. Greg is marking him. GOF says 'I'm in'. Somebody on Rob's team is saying no. GOF says 'I'm in by that cone' .. which is likely either the stupidest or most annoying thing I hear on the ultimate field, but not the funniest. Here's the funny part - Greg's counting stalls like this "Stall 1..Stall 2.. Not even close 3..Not even close 4.. Not even close 5.."

Hee hee !

I giggled for a good while over that one!

(oh, not funny? I guess you'd have to be there!)

And yes - two posts in one day. Read them on different days or something, k? I just have lots of time to post today and who knows when that'll come again!

Talk to you soon,


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Karen Lew said...

I love the oh-so-common "I'm in by this cone but out by that one." !!!