Saturday, April 14, 2007

Who's that man?

I was out for dinner in my neighbourhood on Tuesday night for some chow and a PushPull meeting. The man you see pictured here, he was there. I'd heard that he lived nearby and I think I'd even seen him around before. But this time, this time - he talked to me!! None of the other 8 people who were there with me recognized him. Do you?

Talk to you soon,



Karen and Dion said...

Was he wearing glasses and a beard, or something? I'm pretty sure I'd recognise him in person.

Anonymous said...

OMG Your mother is so totally in love with Blue Rodeo and you have just decided to let me know that he lives that close to you

Kern said...

I recognized him (in the sense that I've definitely seen him before) and even guessed that he's a singer, but couldn't come up with either his name, or the name of the group.

Guess I've been out of the country too long. (That, and it now takes me about a minute to come out with words like "vertebrae" and "dermatology")