Thursday, March 01, 2007


Ok..I know I'm being a bit of a copycat but this is just incredible.

Never in my whole life had I ever experienced thunder and lightning during a SNOW storm but now twice in the span of 7 days, that's exactly what I've seen. It's crazy. There is a serious storm happening outside my window today. It looks almost like a sort of hail/snow that's falling - in buckets - from the sky. It's been going steadily for almost an hour and is nearly what I'd call whiteout conditions. According to my Firefox weather updater, the wind is travelling at 8m/s in Toronto, although, I'm pretty sure that downtown here around the buildings it's whipping much faster. And then, just now, a blinding flash of light followed quickly but rumbling, rolling thunder. Really, it's something quite remarkable.

According to this website, there really is a weather phenomenon called Thundersnow and according to David Schultz, only 0.07 percent of recorded snowstorms include thunder and among recorded thunderstorms, only 1.3 percent of these storms in cool seasons feature snow.

In other news, it has also been estimated that approximately 75% of all Canadians think that talking about the weather is interesting.

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Karen and Dion said...

Canadians can almost always manage to make a conversation about the weather something more than inane small talk.

I was thinking last night, it would be a neat experiment to measure how much time local television stations devote to weather in various major urban centres of the world. I hypothesise that Montreal and Toronto would have the most - other than maybe some Nordic cities.

Kern said...

In Japanese, discussing the weather is virtually mandatory.

Even business letters traditionally start with a poetic paragraph related to the season (like "The days are gradually warming now, as we eagerly await the blossoms of the cherry trees").

Cute, but occasionally ridiculous.

Kevin said...

I would think that places where the weather varies greatly would spend more time talking about the weather in new broadcasts. I would think it would get kind of boring to give the weather report for southern California, or Singaport.. it would not really change (or maybe only seasonal differences).