Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Haven’t Blogged In A While

I’ve been trying to guilt Kevin with my silence – telling him before, that until he emailed me the pictures from his camera of Karen and Dion’s quilt, that I just didn’t have any content to post. Apparently, Kevin doesn’t respond to a guilt trip the way I do. Then again, Kevin wasn’t raised by my mother …

Of course, lack of content is really more of my problem than Kevin’s. And frankly it’s a lie. I have lots to talk about. When have I ever not had something to talk about?

The thing that’s currently on my mind today is the dance class I gave today. It was an Adult Beginner Hip Hop Workshop given by PushPull. I prepared a lot for it and it paid off I think. I was happy with how it all came together. I think I’m getting better at it! I’m kind of into hip hop right now and would like to try learning some breakdancing. Not really downrock but toprock – popping, locking, gliding, that sort of thing. I even put together a great little CD of mixed Hip hop and R&B tunes that progress through a class pace. If you’re interested, lemme know and I’ll post them or email them to you or something.

The downside is that I don’t think the class helped me get over my cold at all. It felt good to sweat-it-out but my cough is pretty bad now. I’ve been sick for a good 4-5 days. I only started taking my herbs yesterday (‘cause I’m a slacker) so it’s likely gonna take a while to get me feeling better. I’ve been using this time off of work to remember how miserable being sick is and why I do need to chill out once in a while. I’ve noticed that my stress level has been quite high the last few months, little things bothering me, not sleeping as well. I don’t think I’ve been too much busier than usual but I could use a bit more tranquility. I foresee the next few months being good for that: lots of dancing and ultimate and very little worrying.

Oh yeah and my hip and foot are feeling a bit better. I’ve been seeing the chiropractor/massage therapist about them and getting treatment on my hip. She thinks that excessive inflammation and scar tissue could be fixed with about a month of treatment. The foot, well, she says there’s not too much that can be done about it other than to take it easy. My feet, you see, are freakish. They’ve always been freakish. You can’t always tell by looking at me but it’s true. As a child, I had to wear orthopedic shoes. I’m knock-kneed and pigeon-toed by nature but have mostly conditioned myself out of it over the years. Plus, my arches are extremely low – the transverse arch being the most ‘fallen’ and worse on my left side than right. And can you guess the leading causes of bunion development? You guessed it – knock-knees, pigeon-toes, and fallen arches. So, of course, I’m also starting to develop a bunion on my left toe. Hence, the pain when I jump on my feet a lot. The treatment is normally orthotics but for me, the pain only occurs when I’m dancing and you can’t really wear orthotics in dance shoes or with bare feet. The result is that I just need to live with it and ice whenever I can. Oh, and continue to avoid high-heeled, narrow shoes like the plague!

So, that’s my current health report for ya! I’ll post about the fabulous baby shower (no humility here) Susanna and I threw for Karen and Dion after I get the pics from Kevin (hint, hint, Kevin!)

P.S. - Bear with me through some blog template changes

P.P.S. – Kevin has a blog now in which he’s introduced his friends who blog: Karen, Kristin, and Gina. Kern and I aren’t hurt in the least.

Talk to you soon,



Karen and Dion said...

" Pursuits of Happiness

A tiny little blog, in a tiny little apartment, ...."

not quite right any more, is it?

Kevin said...

Unfortunately for you, constant reminder works much better than guilt.... and don't worry, you'll get added to the list!

Karen and Dion said...

I don't think you should feel too badly until Becky adds yours to the list of blogs _she_ reads.

Kevin said...


good point!

(Although, I must admit that the other links were added before they were linked to me)