Monday, March 05, 2007

All sorts of News

I have all sorts of news for today. Are you ready, ‘cause I’m going to have to itemize it?

News tidbit ONE (the boring news)

I’ve decided to apply for eligibility to write a professional exam given by the Society for Clinical Research Associates. I have to demonstrate 2 years of professional experience in the field of clinical research in order to be allowed to write the exam. The next exam date that I could go to is here in the city in a month and a half. I’d have to study and would be required to get an 85% to pass, I think. It’s a 3 hour exam of all multiple choice questions. I’ve been told that it’s a lot like the PEO exam – as long as you study, you’ll do fine. If you haven’t studied, you’re basically up the creek. Anyway, first I have to see if I’m eligible. Fingers crossed!

News tidbit TWO (the news about work)
The big Bossman announced company-wide raises today! Everyone got the same, fixed percentage increase. Those of you who know my situation, can appreciate that it’s about time. And given the current state of the company, it really seemed inevitable. I don’t want to be unappreciative either, because it really is great to get a raise. It is however, what I would consider the bare minimum that they could do for us in light of everything that’s been going on.

News tidbit THREE (bathroom news)
The bathroom is very close to completion. So close, really that what’s left is minor enough that it could stay this way for months and I wouldn’t care. The washer and dryer were installed the last weekend of February and we’ve been putting them to good use all week. We even finally got around to washing all the towels and bed linens which we’d be waiting for our own laundry system to do. Rob and I and the house smell all springtime fresh, I tell ya! The system we bought is really nice and I’m happy with its performance so far. The installation was good enough that vibration is pretty minimal. Something about the structure of our house means that when the washer is in it’s fastest spin cycle – you can’t feel it at all while standing in the bathroom next to the washer but the couch on our 2nd floor shakes just slightly. Certainly, not as bad as when I lived across the street from the Welland canal and had ocean liners driving by my front door! So, with the washer and dryer installed, that means that all the fixtures are installed and working (sink, vanity, toilet, shower, tub, laundry) the lighting and electrical work are all done, the slate floor has been sealed although Rob and I want to put one more coat of sealer on it. The room is entirely painted (Benjamin Moore OC-9, Ballet White). And just this past weekend, Mike came in and finished off the frame for the counter area and to install the permanent shower curtain rod. What’s left now is the less urgent and cosmetic stuff. The drywaller needs to come back to our house to patch up the holes that were created by the electrician running wire everywhere and to fix the weird piece of drywall by the bathroom window. We need to go and pick up the stone for the counter and get that installed. And then we want to hang our towel rods, medicine cabinet, mirror etc.. What’s left, really, is mostly our responsibility – other than the patchwork and that feels better to me - I'm more comfortable with getting things done on my own schedule than someone else's. When the contractor takes the rest of his stuff out of the house, I can finally clean the guest room and get it set-up for company too. So, it’s all coming together. I think that Eve and Harry might come to Toronto to visit over March break, so I’d like it if the contractor would get his tools out of the guest room before then .. but hey – can’t ask for everything!

I'll write more soon,



Anonymous said...

Like don't you have a real camera that you could show the real stuff to the world. And our house did not shake, only when the boats had to put there engines in reverse.

rob said...

no we don't have a camera... the last two have been stolen. anyway, i'm not sure how wise it is to help potential criminals case our house from the comfort of their own homes by posting pictures of our house ;P