Monday, January 15, 2007

Who am I Kidding?

You know what? I've been carrying a partially knitted sock around in my commuting bag for a couple of weeks. Every day, I try to knit on the streetcar but it's too crowded. And every day I figure I'll work on it at lunch, but I don't. And every day, I bring the bag home and take the sock out of my bag and my needles have slipped out of the stitches. And every day I get them back on again and knit just enough to catch-up, back to where I was. But that's all the time I have to work on it. And then I start all over again.

So, I'm going to stop kidding myself. Tomorrow, I'm leaving the sock in the living room. I think I'll read Toronto Live on the streetcar.

Talk to you soon,


P.S. - I bumped into Sue Erikson on College Street today. She said that she's gonna try to check out the blog. But I have to get a camera first!


Anonymous said...

I carry my knitting with me everyday, and I never knit. But I'm always hopefull that someday the power will go out in our super high-tech office, leaving me CAD-less, and I won't be caught without my knitting. Someday it will happen.


sue said...

i DID find your blog, becky! and i know what you mean about not knitting on crowded transit. i actually like to just sit and be quiet on the TTC..