Thursday, January 25, 2007

Brrr ...

I realize that I live in Canada. And I realize that it's January. But it is unseasonably cold ... inside my house! Brrr... According to a thermometer I've been carrying around today, it is 5 C (40F) on the first floor, 8 C (46F) on the 2nd floor and about 10C - 15C (50-58F) on the third floor. Our thermostats are all set to 30C - which - a couple of weeks ago (before the cold snap and before the remodeling) would have meant that it was "just right" on the first floor, but too hot everywhere else.

I don't know what the problem is. And, since a recent dropping of external temperatures has coincided with electrical work in one of the rooms in our house, which coincided with a piece of insulation being temporarily removed from our top floor. And, since I don't really know what is 'normal' for this house in winter, I feel that there are too many confouding circumstances to say for sure what needs to happen in order to fix the problem.

I suspect that it's actually a result of all of this. That our heating system is just not strong enough to accommodate for all the extra work it's being asked to do. That what heat it is producing is escaping through the roof. That our house is one of those homes that absolutely requires some 'winterizing' since we have so many large windows. I'm not sure I'll know for sure until the remodelling is done whether it's having an effect. I'm not even completely sure that the electrician didn't turn off the heat on the 2nd and 3rd floors (although, Rob thinks that he can feel the heat coming from the heater on both of these floors).

Frankly, it's too cold in here to do anything other than sit under a blanket. I currently can't get by without double socks, long johns under my pants, and a t-shirt + long sleeved shirt + hoodie for a top. I'm pretty sure that the temperatures in here are what passes for "winter"California. If there was someone from California sitting in my living room, she'd likely need a warmer jacket than she owns, I swear! We're also making do with a couple of space heaters in whatever room we're sitting in (which bumps any room temperature up about 3 degrees).

My sister-in-law arrives in 1 week and 3 days. Holy crap, it better be fixed by then! In fact, let's see if we can fix it before I become a blubbering mess about the whole business.

Talk to you soon,

P.S. - The mean temperature in Sacremento in January (30 year average) is 46.6F.


Karen and Dion said...

Huddle for warmth! A toque may do better than a hood. Slippers and a scarf may be warranted.

tamka said...

My fiancee's family keeps their house at 20C during the day, and I already find that to be uncomfortable. I can't imagine a house with an indoor temp of 8C. Maybe you should close off all the air vents in the entire house except for the one room you are occupying....

kristin said...

i completely sympathize. last winter my heating was shut down for safety reasons (it was old and throwing flames) in the unseasonably coldest week. luckily for me it was only for a few days. karen's right, i'd go for a toque.