Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nice Jeans

Today, I thought that I noticed my coworker wearing a new pair of jeans. I find that working together day in and day out, we really get to know eachother's wardrobes. And around our office, it's not very unusual to comment if you notice someone sporting some new clothes. So, I spotted the jeans and said to my male coworker/supervisor, "Hey, are those new jeans?". I said, to my male coworker/supervisor, "Hey, are those new jeans?" while walking behind him. Ahem. He explained that he got them in September, actually, and so I said "Well, they're nice jeans!". Only then did it occur to me what I'd done and that in some companies, it could've got me in trouble.

Anyway, it's ok. This same coworker remarked on Tuesday, while I was stretching my arms over my head, that my belt looked "like a party"!

Talk to you soon,



Kern said...

I think you can safely describe somebody's hair or shoes as looking "like a party", but for anything between, say... the shoulders and the knees you're in dangerous waters.

Ankit Dave said...

quite interesting