Thursday, November 02, 2006

Me, Competitive?

I’ve been taking this NaBloPoMo a little too seriously. Gina, Krisin, and Kern all live at least 6 hours ahead of me in time. That means that before I even get a chance to think of something to write, they’ve dreamed up something fabulous and written about it and I’ve read it. Then I think: “How am I supposed to produce something so thoughtful and introspective and gloriously written?” It’s only the second day – and I already have an inferiority complex!

Well – I guess, I’ll venture forward, as I often do, with the knowledge that I will not ever be the best, and that in fact, struggling to be the best is my main only source of misery and then just GIVE IT UP AND LET IT GO AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

Even handicapped as I am with a camera that had a weird lens smudge, I will post today. And, throwing caution to the wind, I WILL post pictures. WHO THE HELL CARES IF THEY’RE BLURRY!

(BTW – many blurry pictures to come over the next couple of days. I promise to get rid of the lens smudge in my next round of photos)

Some Halloween images to go with yesterdays post


Kevin said...

You should just post right after midnight for the next day... you might not beat Kern, but you'll have a good chance of posting before Gina or Kristin!

-Kevin, who now has his post for the day!

Rebecca said...

That reminds me of when I was living in Switzerland and used to ask Rob to stay up late so that I could talk to him on my way into the lab in the morning.

(cheaper long distance call)

kristin said...

the pictures look cool blurry. it adds to the halloween spookiness.

Gina said...

Becky your posts are super!