Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Halloween Recap

Halloween was horrible fun, last night! I was so excited to get to hand out candy to the kids.

(Pictures from Halloween will come later in the week – I can’t find my camera cable!)

Since we were away in Montreal last weekend (details on that later), Rob and I left much of our decorating to the very last minute. On Sunday night, Rob carved the two pumpkins that we’d bought the previous weekend. He decided to go with more of a shape motif than with faces. One pumpkin had hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds and our other pumpkin had stars and moons on it. Mr. Caranci very kindly gave us some dried cornstalks and a bale of hay, which Rob picked up from Steve and Ann’s place on Monday night. The finishing touches were added on Tuesday night. Rob arranged the stalks, hay, gourds and one pumpkin close to our front door in a farm-like motif. I put another of the pumpkins at the end of our walk and close to the sidewalk in the hopes of luring in the trick-or-treaters walking by. We then took bits of artificial spiderweb and hung it on the fence near the sidewalk, draped it over shrubs, and hung it from the tree and the rafters like Spanish moss. The final touch were candles set back from the walk, flickering in the garden and casting moving shadows around the yard (and also to light the path a bit better).

We were worried, what with our house being set so far back from the road, that the costumed critters might not come by. Of course, it was an empty worry. There were more kids traipsing around on the west side of our nearest main street (we’re on the east side) but we got a nice handful. About 60 costumed crusaders from around 6:30 – 8:30 last night. And after that, Rob and I went for a walk around the corner where a few neighbours had pulled together their resources to put on a production of “A Nightmare before Christmas” on a stage assembled on their front lawn. We only caught the end but what we saw was fantastic! Apparently, it’s the 4th year running of their production. Quite something, I’ll tell ya.

The evening was packed full of fun but there were three big highlights for me. The first was getting to see the creativity that the kids showed in their costume making (“Captain Jack Sparrow” comes to mind first). The second part of the evening that I really enjoyed were the compliments that we received from the kids about our ‘spooky’ house and included in that is just how polite, thankful, and pleasant all of the kids were. And of course, eating pumpkin soup with my Robbie (that he made for me) and sharing in all the decorating fun with him, in our very first Halloween in our very first house, made the night all the more enjoyable.

How was your Halloween? If you or your kids got dressed-up, I wanna see the pictures!

Talk to you soon,


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