Thursday, September 21, 2006

New Drawers

I was on a stealth mission to Ikea the other day. It was stealth because I was trying not to have to mention to Rob about the spending of more money. I just vowed to be as conservative as humanly possible. But, I mean, come on – I need drawers. Right now I don’t have any. Rob has the dresser (which I beautifully refinished for him) and one half of our new (it came with the house) Pax closet system. And I have the other half of the closet. I can see how the system would be fantastic except that this one had two hanger bars and that’s it. And I’m not so much a hanging my clothes kind of girl. I really, really need drawers.

So – out I went wandering around Eden, such as it is, carefully selecting some drawers, a set of drawer organizers, some new pillows for the den, and those damn lightbulbs that you can only buy at Ikea that only fit Ikea lamps. Then, I realized that my Visa was at home. Damn! So, I called Rob and he put money into my account and I got a bit scolded for buying unimportant stuff.

When I got home we got it all sorted out and – while the drawers were definitely, in his books extraneous – he offered to help me assemble them and get them into my closet. Sweet boy. This same sweet boy started noticing how pretty the drawers were, how high-tech and fancy. The boy wanted drawers of his own. Suddenly, the drawers had become an absolute necessity – who could live without drawers in their closet?!? It was absurd!! He needed the drawers. He had closet envy.

I laughed at him. He’s trying to hold back .. but I suspect I’ll be going back to Ikea any day now.

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Kern said...

That's pretty bad, but you know who's the WORST? Of course you do... my brother! I think he has everything-envy.