Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Home Owning

So - it's been a couple of weeks of being homeowners now. I figured I'd better fill you in on what's new.

Our move went very very smoothly. We had a lot of help from family and friends, which makes all the difference. We rented a 16 foot cube van from Discount on Thursday. I drove (you should all know how happy it makes me to drive a big truck around town)! Derek and Susanna came over on Thursday night so that Su and I could finish up with the last of boxing things up and Derek and Rob could put all the heavy things in the truck. On Friday, Rob and I moved the last of our things into the truck. We were done that by about noon. We cleaned up our place and got it in good shape for the new tenants by 1:30. Then, we took our lunch break and went to the lawyers office to fax some documents. While we were there, she gave us the keys to the new place on the promise that we wouldn't go in until closing. So we had a coffee and Rob got a haircut and we just chilled out. By 3:30 we still hadn't closed. I was a bit nervous about driving the truck (as much as I love it) in Friday afternoon traffic. So - I went over to the house to park out front until we heard from our lawyer. Rob was picking up the dolly and meeting me there.

When I arrived at the new house, it was about 4 and I decided to call my mum to let her know that she should leave St. Catharines and head on over. I grabbed the newspaper and another coffee to wait for the lawyer's call. Walking back to the house, I see Mac in my front yard. Mum and Ron had decided to not to wait and had left St. Catharines early. They brought presents! Rob arrived about 10 minutes later with the news that we'd closed - the lawyer had called not a minute earlier. How 'bout that for timing! So - with the help of Ron and Karen and Susanna, we unloaded everything into the house. Mum and Mac unpacked. And we were all drinking beer and having snacks on the deck by 8:30.

On Saturday, we added Aunt Dorothy, Grandpa Randy, and Aunt Evelyn to the volunteer list. The bunch of us unpacked boxes, moved the closets, assembled furniture. And we were pretty well done (as done as could be) by dinner. On Sunday, Rob and I bought a new BBQ and picked up food and bevvie - our friends joined us in warming our house Sunday night and it was FABULOUS! And on Monday - we rested.

Since then, we've been slowly tackling some projects. I wasn't sure we'd get much done, given how much ultimate needed to be played and how much dancing needed to be done. But we've made more progress than I thought. There's also a lot more to do than I thought!

Since the move, we've been here about 6 times and we've been here, here, and here.

And we spent quite a few free evenings, doing this (you should really read this one if you have time .. it's good)

It couldn't be better!

Talk to you soon,



Karen and Dion said...

I'm glad it really was as smooth as it seemed.

kristin said...

how fun!