Monday, August 14, 2006


Hey There!

It's been a while again, eh? Sheesh. Well .. I'm writing now to tell you about all the fun that I had this past weekend. Quite a weekend it was. Which pretty much goes to say that the weekends in between my last post and this one -- not so fun.

Ok - not entirely true. It's just been busy. Damn, damn, busy.

This was the highlight of my August long weekend:

(It's the most recent wedding cake I made.
It was for my co-worker's brother.)

Well, that and a little of this:

But this past weekend - it was a crazy good time. To start with, Kristin's in town from Germany. I don't think I've actually seen her in almost 2 years. So, it's been pretty damn nice having her around. And of course, I've been using her as an excuse to do all sorts of fun stuff around town. On Thursday night we went for Thai food and then headed off to Susanna's place to do some organizing of photos into albums. On Friday, Rob and I took Kristin on a walk past our new house and then up to the Danforth for "Taste of the Danforth". There were ridiculously crazy throngs of people and tonnes of tasty food. On Saturday I got up early and met up with Kelly so that the two of us could interview the last two candidates for the new choreographer positions at PushPull. It's been a very tough decision and took us a long time to figure out who to choose and if we'll have enough balance in the show. After that I stumbled into a demonstration by mostly Canadian Jews arguing for the end of Israeli occupation of Palestine. That was interesting because I'd never heard a Jewish person refer to Israel as an "occupation of Palestine" before. Then, back home for many many hours of this:

On Sunday, I drove Kristin downtown to meet up with some other folks for dim sum while I went off to see Meredith at Alley Jaunt. She was displaying her work of Giant Corsages/Miniature Parade Floats. You can find out more about Mer's work here. It was a super fun project and a pretty fun way to hang out with Meredith although too brief, as always. Her parents were there for a visit so I was catching up with them too. After that, I went to Uhaul to try to pick up some more of these -

- and then drove to St. Catharines. Traffic was incredibly sucky. I'd been in some seriously desperate need for time alone this weekend and really tried hard to make the most of my 2.5 hours in the car on the QEW. It was a bit of a challenge though. And I was armed with a couple of pod casts and some potential music to choreograph to and everything. It took a lot of concentration not to scream at somebody. Luckily for my family, I screamed at none of them but was in quite a foul mood by the time I got there. Christian was in town for a party from Huntsville. Mackers was hanging around to spend some time with his siblings. Mum made some very tasty food. Rob stayed home so that he could get some packing done. I dropped off about 5 pieces of art that my aunt and uncle are hopefully going to get framed for me for a low price and picked up a bag full of yarn and a pattern from my other aunt. Guess what I'm supposed to do with that (it's a very delayed Christmas present actually. I gave her a gift certificate for some yarn and promised to knit up whatever she bought with it). Then, three hours after I arrived, I drove back to Toronto - quite tired of driving, frankly. It did not ease my mostly grumbly mood to discover then, that the number of packed boxes had only increased by 5 since I'd left in the morning. Ahem. The kitchen and bathroom were sparkling, though. Again - not really in the mood yesterday to focus on the positive so I finally did scream at somebody.

Ok .. so I know that I said that I had a really fun weekend. And what I described just now maybe sounded a little grumpier than fun. But I really, really, really am focusing on the positives today. I mean, I saw Kristin, Meredith and Christian all in one weekend!! And ate steak at my mum's house! Now if only the kitchen was packed up ..

(hey, I'm trying -- I didn't say I'd succeeded)

Talk to you soon,


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