Thursday, August 31, 2006

East Side Here We Come!

This is the fun part, baby! Last night Rob and I went to check out our new place (at the request of the lawyer, to ensure that they previous tenants stole nothing and did no damage on their way out) -- and it might even be better than I remember! I was so excited, I hardly slept last night! Tonight, we pick up the truck and start loading. Tomorrow - more packing, get the keys and register our deed, and then start unloading. Tomorrow, we are officially eastsiders.

I don't think there is anyway that I could use enough exlamation marks in this post to convey the excitement. I hardly slept last night and when I was asleep I dreamt of moving.

Moving is the theme this week. My lab/office is moving this week too. I'm happy to say that the house move is much, much more organized and smooth-going than the office move. 'Tis the season of change, ladies and gentleman -- the season of change!

Once I get settled in - there will be stories and pics from our vacation to Newfoundland (pronounced Noo-fun-lund).

Talk to you soon,


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