Saturday, May 13, 2006

On the road again

I'm going to Phoenix! I'm leaving Saturday evening to go to Phoenix and then Scottsdale, Arizona for the Annual Meeting of the Wound Healing Society. Gary and I are both going and Michelle will be joining us for vacation. I like going to conferences and this one should be particularly fun, given that I'm going with Gary (still not so sure about the being a 3rd wheel part). The particularly unnerving part about this conference though is that I'm presenting my work. Yikes! I've got 10 minutes of talking and 5 minutes of questions to sum up about 3 years of work. They will be some action packed 10 minutes. I'm mostly nervous about accidentally saying something stupid - especicially if asked a difficult question. I know that 15 minutes doesn't sound worth getting nervous about, but I haven't presented in a really long time. I'm sure it'll be fine but I'm still nervous.

Anyway, the extra cool part about the whole trip is that I get to taunt Rob with the fact that I'll be in Phoenix when the Suns are playing in playoffs. Maybe I can bring them some good mojo .. I think they'll need it!

Talk to you in a week!


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Karen and Dion said...

Enjoy! I hope you packed sunscreen. Remember, anything other than Umbrelle is a scam.