Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Adventure This Weekend

While many of my friends have been GOING to Disney, I've been making Disney themed cakes. these cakes were for a bridal shower for my friend N.H. The whole party was Disney themed.. and honestly, it was so much fun (probably more fun than it sounds).
The "Mickey" cake was chocolate buttermilk cake with cream cheese filling and it was covered in red fondant.

The "Minnie" cake was white cake with pastry cream, strawberries and blueberries and the whole thing was covered in white fondant with red polka dots.

I baked the 'hats' in a very round aluminum bowl I have and then covered the cakes in black fondant. The cake flavour inside matches the cake that's underneath it. The ears are fondant covered stroopwafel cookies. Minnie's bow is fondant.
This weekend was a terrible weekend for cake-work. The heat and humidity in our non-air conditioned house was killing the fondant, making it so hard to work with (see how shiny the hats are?! That was a happy side-effect). I ended up going to the shower just a little bit early to finish off some things there, since I knew it would be air-conditioned. Even better, it turned out that they have marble countertops in the kitchen. I worked with a piece of fondant there and it was a dream!! Next time I have to work with fondant in the summer, I'm gonna have to call on some friends!
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Jessica G. said...

Fantastic! Those hats are perfect! I might have to borrow your ideas for the ears... ;)

Eve said...

i LOVE these cakes! so original. i can't wait until i have an occasion to get you to make me a cake!! if i don't get married, you'll have to just eventually make me one--if only to make me feel better!! ha ha.