Monday, February 01, 2010

A New Haircut!

We took Clare to a salon this weekend to get her hair cut. I've cut her hair once or twice before, but we've mainly just been letting it grow, hoping that it would grow! This was her first professional haircut and boy was it needed. That do was getting unruly and a bit messy looking.

Here's the 'before' shot --

And here's the 'after' shot --

Ahh, so much better. We took her to one of those salons that specializes in kids' cuts. There was a ball room and toys all over the place. It was mostly pretty fun and she mostly liked it. Everything except for getting her hair cut, of course. In that case, there was a stranger talking to her and worse(!) there was a stranger touching her. She hated every minute of it but managed to get through it without too much of a scene. She had to sit in my lap though, she wouldn't sit in her own chair.

Even though she was miserable and scared, she didn't act poorly and she sat still, enduring it as well as she could (clinging both to Mummy and her baby doll). We figured that bravery should be rewarded with a tasty Dufflet pink, heart-shaped, cookie!

Talk to you soon,

-- For the record, I think I would like to be rewarded more frequently with Dufflet treats!--

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