Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not one of my proudest moments

A couple of days ago, Friday to be exact, I was in a rush to leave the house. I'd put my iPod in the back pocket of my pants so that I wouldn't forget it. I was getting pretty far behind in my choreography and really needed to work on it. Clare and I were getting dressed to head off to daycare and as usual, it was taking some convincing to get her into her out the door. I finally got as all suited up and then I decided to make a last minute bathroom pit stop.

It was then that I heard the distinct plunk of my iPod falling into the bowl.

There was yelling. There was me thrusting my hand into the bowl after my iPod with little regard to what else was in there. Then there was stomping and some swearing. A rinse of the iPod - at this point it was still in it's polycarbonate case. There was stripping off of the sweater I'd been wearing and tossing it into the washer. There was hunting for another shirt. There may or may not have been some more swearing. There was definitely some crying - we just don't have the extra cash right now to replace something as expensive as an iPod. For me though, it's become nearly vital technology. Certainly now, one week and two days away from the first rehearsal for my piece and me with no choreography prepared. There might have been some more swearing, the kind that happens when you do something so colossally stupid and so terribly costly (and I don't just mean monetarily). I left the iPod out to dry for a while. I did not turn it on.

And then there was Clare. Looking at me with concern, puzzlement, surprise. She said "Mummy sad?". Yes sweetheart, Mummy is sad. "Mummy sad." "Mummy said frog? Mummy said frog. Frog.". Well Clare, frog wasn't the word that I used.. but that's the one we're gonna go with.

If only I could have been a better example of grace.

Incidentally, I found some tips on how to revive your iPod in the event of such an emergency. After that quick rinse in clean water, I let it air dry for 1 and a half days out of it's case. I then put it in a bowl of rice (like a desiccant) for another two days. I plugged it in last night and it's connecting with my laptop, charging, and generally acting as though nothing at all happened. WooHoo!

Talk to you soon,


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gina said...

But it makes a great story! Frog! I love it!