Tuesday, January 05, 2010

From Christmas Number Two

As is my way sometimes, I totally forgot about taking pictures most of the time we were away. I posted one or two already. Here is another one. This one is kind of special though. This shot here - this is a rare one. This is a shot of Clare wearing a sweater.

It was so warm when we were in Victoria that many of the time-outs I mentioned yesterday were a result of her insisting that she didn't need to wear a sweater or a jacket outside (a light one even!) and us insisting that, in fact, she did. Getting her to wear anything more than a light long sleeved shirt indoors was a challenge itself. Putting her in a sweater! Inside! Impossible! What makes these photographs even more is that this was the one and only time she's worn THIS sweater that I KNIT FOR HER. It took many days to convince her to wear it and there have been many failed attempts since.

The sweater is Debbie Bliss' pattern: Ribbon Edged Cardigan. I borrowed the pattern book from the library. I bought the yarn at The Purple Purl (I'll check the ball band later). Ribbon is grosgrain from Michael's. Buttons are from Buttons and Bows in Victoria.

The girl and the saucy face.. well, that's Rob's and my own design, I think. The photo was taken in Rob's parents living room, where we all spent a lot of time. Clare really liked to stand at the coffee table - it was just the right height for her. This is where she read, coloured, did puzzles, played AbraCadabra with Goo Ma and had all sorts of other fun.

I think my continued persistance with sweaters this week and the temperatures in Toronto might be persuading her to put this one on again.. maybe..

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