Friday, December 11, 2009

A little story

Hi! Sorry - I promised that I'd be back and that it'd be more exciting around here, now that I have a laptop again. Unfortunately, not long after the laptop arrived, I started feeling not so great. I've been trying to rest up and take it easy since about last Friday night (wow.. that's almost a week. crazy!)

Despite my lack of attention to writing over here, I really really have been taking photos. And really really soon I'll put some up here.

For now though, here's a fun little story. Now that I'm working downtown again, it means that Clare and I can take the streetcar together in the morning. I take her to the daycare on the streetcar and then continue on my way downtown by TTC as well. Some days, we even get to ride with Rob (if we're early and he's running late). The other day was like that. I think Rob might have joined us on purpose, so that he could give me a hand carrying some things. When it was time for Clare and I to hop off, Rob asked her for a kiss goodbye. She obliged him (sometimes she can be stingy!) but then insisted "Mummy daddy, kiss!". So, of course, we obliged her.

:) So sweet.

Talk to you soon,


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