Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sarah and Glenn

Sarah and Glenn got married on Saturday and this was their wedding cake:

Four tiers. Two tiers of Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache and strawberry buttercream and two tiers of buttermilk cake with lemon curd and raspberry buttercream.

These are the gumpaste flowers I made and assembled into a bouquet as the cake topper. I had some help with getting them to look like a bouquet

Sarah and Glenn asked for a cake that was only white and fit what they envisioned as a classical, elegant and timeless wedding. I think I managed to deliver! Sarah's a great friend of mine who I met many many years ago at Only Human. We've become even better friends over the past couple of years as we've worked together at PushPULL as well. It was a joy to make a cake for Sarah and Glenn and I know that they really appreciated it.

I think that Sarah's wedding was actually even a lot more fun than the cake suggests. There were 7 fabulous ladies and 7 dashing gents standing up for the couple. The ladies wore a gorgeous royal blue dress, each in their own style. The flowers they carried were bright fall oranges, reds, pinks, and greens and the same colour scheme decorated the hall. There were choreographed entrances and first dances, there was show lighting and hair and make-up and I'm pretty sure everybody felt like they were in their best show yet! Sarah looked lovely in a gold-embroidered white strapless gown. The meal was 5 courses and was peppered with some of the most entertaining (in a good way) wedding speeches I've ever heard.

It was a lovely day and couldn't have happened to a lovelier gal!

Congrats to Sarah and Glenn,

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Eve said...

A BEAUTIFUL cake Becky!! i love the flowers on top.