Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Over the weekend, there was an accident and Mr. Bun was suffering from left ear dislocation. Immediate emergency surgery was scheduled (the waiting lines in the Bunny hospital are much shorter than in the regular Ontario Human hospitals):

Before: ear severed, Mr. Bun anesthetized, surgical prep underway

After: save for some minor cosmetic changes, in the hopes of improving function, the ear has been reattached and Mr. Bun is recovering well.

Ahhh.. Mr. Bun. Hugs all around!

(I try to keep all evidence of Clare's attachment to her Binky completely hidden and out of the public forum; Rob and I are properly embarrassed by it. I couldn't help but post this pre-bed shot of Clare and her repaired Mr. Bun and the giant hug he got when he was returned to her. The surgery was complete only moments before he was needed upstairs to help my girl off to sleep. And well, like Mr. Bun, the Binky is an unavoidable part of the bedtime routine. )

Talk to you soon,

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1 comment:

Jesse said...

Looks like a very skilled surgeon!

BTW, no need to be embarrassed, you do what you got to do!