Sunday, August 09, 2009

Saturday -- Megan and Mike's Wedding, Part Two

The final product - If you haven't read Part One of this story, you should scroll down and read the earlier post first.

Rob and I spent about 3 hours reconstructing the cake. Well, I worked on it for about half an hour or so while Rob went home to get some of the extra cake (aka cake leavings) that we needed to rebuild the 9 inch tier. I left the 6" tier with only two layers of cake and just fixed up the icing. Then I waited. I talked to the brides mom, hoping that she hadn't heard (she had) and then tried to convince her that it would be fine in the end. She was too worried about the fact that it was about to rain on their outdoor wedding ceremony that they didn't have a 'rain plan' for (they ended up holding the ceremony on the covered veranda). We finished up the cakes, restacked them, got the flowers on top, carried the cake UPSTAIRS to the ballroom, managed to get it on the cake table with only a minor bump, grabbed a couple of pictures and then left as fast as we could (the guests were due in the ballroom in about 15 minutes).

The staff at the club in the kitchen and around were really wonderful and offered any help or assistance I'd need to get things back on track. They were supportive too, when it all got put back together and got delivered on time.

Then, Rob and I went to Taste of the Danforth to recover/celebrate. We topped off our evening with a trip to the bookstore and a movie.

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

OMG! The cake is beautiful. I'm sure it was delicious, too.

T M Conroy said...


Congrats on the recovers. YIKES.

Rob said...

I feel like these slightly blurry shots don't really do the cake justice (these were taken flashless and with no tripod). In my opinion, the cake looked even better in real life.

Cynthia said...

That's a great recovery! Good job.

Eve said...

Wow Becky
i had no idea what had happened when i saw the picture....poor you! good job with fixing it though---it turned out beautiful! :)