Tuesday, July 07, 2009

The Zoo!

Rabbit ears

Her answer to the question "What noise do rabbits make?"

Rob requested that my next blog post be about our trip to the Zoo. So, here we go. As is our way, it seems, the photos of the trip don't tell our story all that well. We end up spending our time playing, watching, listening, and enjoying and then forgetting to take pictures.

When Clare first saw the camel, she pointed at it and yelled 'Dog!'. Mmm.. nope, sweetheart. That's not a dog.

We took a laid-back approach to the zoo - trying to remember that we were there for Clare who is equally fascinated by seagulls as with ostriches. Our first stop was the "Kidzoo" a small area that caters to the smaller set. There were tunnels to crawl through (though Girl was reluctant) and plastic lily pads to jump on (this she loved). The animals were of a quieter, tamer set than elsewhere in the zoo. We ended up spending quite a lot of time there looking at bunnies, pigs, goats, and prairie dogs. From there we moved on to the yellow trail - taking us through the "Eurasia" area. We saw fish and birds, bugs and snakes in the pavillion, walked through the butterfly park, spotted a tiger and some camels. All the while Clare was hopping in and out of her stroller enjoying the freedom to walk along, more or less, wherever she wanted to go. We stopped for a picnic lunch and then Clare was ready for her nap. We'd only made it through half of the Eurasia path. So, she slept in her stroller while Rob, Cynthia, and I continued on.

Mid-day nap

When she woke about an hour later, we could tell she wasn't feeling very rested, and Rob was getting tired too. We decided to head back to the car on a route that took us past the monkeys. Another tiger and then a peacock were the other animals we saw on our way out. All in all we lasted about 3 and a half, maybe 4 hours. Not too bad really. Clare had a great time. I'm not sure which was her favorite part. Earlier in the day she was 'fresh' and spent a lot of time with the bunnies (we didn't rush her). But even later in the day she was pointing at almost every bird. The other animals she watched with an intense curiosity. She tried to repeat the names or sounds of the animals as we said them to her. Since we've been back, she's been playing with the 'zoo animal' puzzle that Uncle Christian gave her - even more than before. All of the animals from the puzzle say "Roar" - even the ostrich, rhinoceros, and giraffe.

Talk to you soon,

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