Thursday, July 16, 2009

Miss Fix-It

Clare has been fascinated with tools and mechanics recently. It seems to be a developmental milestone - most kids go through it. It's been fun to watch her try to figure out how things work. The tough part for her, right now, is that her mind is working ahead of her fingers. She doesn't quite have the fine motor skills necessary to be successful at manipulating the screws or bolts that she wants to play with. She has, however achieved the ability to clip herself into her carseat!

The following video is a nearly 3 minute suspenseful epic of Clare trying to assemble her new Ikea chair. Audiences are on the edge of their seats wondering if she'll be able to use the Allen key to turn the bolt! (and here's where the Mumma syndrome comes in.. thinking that all 3 minutes of watching her do this are just fantastic, when most people would stop watching after 30 seconds)

Enjoy! (and feel free to shut it off whenever you get bored.)

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