Thursday, July 16, 2009

Asia Day

Today is "Asia Day" at Clare's school. Her teacher asked me to dress her in something Asian. Clare has about 4 outfits that would fit that category: one was two small; two pants/jacket outfits that were a bit too hot to wear in Summer, even with the kind of weather we've been having, or too precious to wear somewhere where paint would be involved; and this outfit. Clare's gold cheung sam was given to us by a friend of my Mum's (Celine) when Clare was first born. As a back-up, I also sent the outfit that Mom and Dad Ho brought Clare from Malaysia (also Asian, though not 'traditional' looking and much more comfortable than the dress).

Here are some pictures we took of her on her way to daycare this morning. We managed to convince her not to wear her running shoes today - but she refused to go anywhere without her backpack. The backpack from Kristin - she carries it herself now, every morning, on her way into daycare.

Talk to you soon,



Rob said...

fyi, she's saying "cheese" in this shot (which she often does without prompting when someone points a camera at her)

Eve said...

Adorable! i am really liking all of these pictures and movies! :)