Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Lew Two!

Congratulations to Karen, Dion, and Adam - who are welcoming Margaret Naomi Lew into their family. Little did they know (because I'm quite sure that Karen would have been appalled) that I've been secretly referring to her these past 9 months as "Baby Lew Two". The name they've chosen is so much more elegant!

Rob, Clare, and I got to meet Naomi on Sunday afternoon and she's even more lovely in person than in the pictures on Karen's blog. Clare was quite gently with her, stroking her head softly. That is, until she decided to honk her nose! Poor Naomi. If things go as I suspect they might, Clare's gonna have to watch out. I'm sure she'll be outsized by Naomi in a year!

Take care guys!


1 comment:

Karen Lew said...

appalled? Au contraire! Baby Lew Two is just about the cutest in-utero moniker I've ever heard.

Thanks for the nice post in our honour.