Monday, June 15, 2009

16 Months Old

Oh No! I was looking through my list of old blog posts this morning when I realized that I wrote this up a month ago and forgot to post it. Well, for the sake of trying to be thorough (if late!) here you go:

It was Clare's 16 month anniversary of being on this Earth a few days ago and I like to mark such an occasion with a special post about our girl. As I mentioned in a previous post, this anniversary seems to have coincided with Clare's insistence on asserting herself. Not that she didn't before, but she just seems to have taken a giant leap into Toddlerhood by being extremely, extremely insistent about controlling her environment using whatever extreme measures she can think of. In other words, she's opinionated, somewhat demanding, not against throwing a tantrum and it would seem that perhaps the apple doesn't fall maybe quite so far from the tree.

To celebrate Clare's turning 16 months old, I've composed a list of things Clare can do now that I love and things Clare can do now that are maybe not my favorite. No matter what though, I love my girl and like her too!

Favorite things that Clare's doing now:
- Playing catch
- Getting dirty when she's at the park(well, sort of, it's still a work in progress)
- Hugging the cats, 'tickling' the cats, calling out to them when you come home at night
- Saying ball, bottle, ta-ta, Mackerel, eyes, nose, honk-honk, duck, quack, dada, Meow, dog,
- Using spoons and forks like a pro

Least favorite things that Clare's doing now:
- Arguing with me about which socks (or shoes, or sweater, or hat, etc..) she should put on
- Requiring her Binky and Mr. Bun nearly full-time when she's at home
- Crying in the morning when she wakes up, instead of calling out (Mumma! Dadda!)

** Disclaimer: The above list was mostly just all in good fun. I am actually a little proud that I have a daughter who's already independent enough and comfortable enough to tell me what she wants and needs. But you know.. there's also that little part of you that wishes she didn't do it so loud or maybe so often.

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