Monday, May 04, 2009


I'm kind of feeling like a sappy Mum today. This week coming up is pretty busy and so I'm going to be away from Clare a bit. She and I have had a really wonderful couple of days and I'm going to miss her a lot when we aren't together.

On Saturday, we made pancakes and then went to the park. We played for a while, until another boy about Clare's age, offered her some rocks to eat. He wanted to eat them himself, but thought it would be polite to offer them to her first. When she said 'no thank you' he suggested that perhaps she would enjoy having them in her eyes or maybe her ears. Clare cried. Men! Even at 15 months, they just don't understand women! Ok, seriously though, he really was trying to be sweet. It was quite cute. At any rate, after that, Clare wanted to leave the park so we went for a walk. We played catch, ran in circles in the grass and practiced falling down and getting up with our hands touching the grass and the sand. Clare normally doesn't like to get her hands on the ground.

After that we had lunch and Clare had her usual nap from noon to 1:15. She woke up a bit groggy so we cuddled on the couch a minute.. or so I thought. Clare fell asleep in my lap on the couch and that's where we stayed until 3:30! After that, she gave Rob a really hard time as I tried to do some work in her room. Then it was dinner and bedtime.

Sunday morning, we did a bit more spring cleaning and then went for a visit to The Lew house. Clare was getting a bit wild, so we made our way home in time for her nap. By some perfect aligning of the stars, I managed to finish all of my choreography while she was napping. That freed me up for playing in the park after she woke up. Clare also helped out on Sunday as I did some gardening and (finally!) hung the overhead lamp in her room.

Tonight there was a lot of time for playing after dinner. From her room on the third floor, Clare spied her bike down below and practically tried to climb out of her window to go get it! The two of us marched right downstairs and out to the back yard. Rob called to Clare from her window and it was hilarious watching her try to find him. She looked left, she looked right, she turned circles, looked around corners. I tried to hold her on her back to get her to look up but she just giggled and looked at me. What a goof! Clare and I went for a little trip on her trike to the corner store to buy some milk then came home to get ready for bed. We sang a couple of rounds of Kumbaya and Fait Dodo and our day was done.

Man, I am going to be lonely this weekend!

Talk to you soon,


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