Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How Many Hours in a Day

Sometimes I complain that I'm just not making enough progress. There are so many little projects around the house that I want to try to tackle that have been largely untouched for over a year. I feel like all of my day to day activities take up what time I have that I never get around to working on anything else. Someone once recommended that I just try to take the approach of 'an hour a day'. As in - just do one hour of work around the house a day. Every little bit counts, eventually it will get done.

I've started doing some math on 'my day'. If I were to work in one hour or half hours chunks every day on the things I need to do:

1.5 hours - get dressed, out of the house, drive to work
7 hours - work at my job
1 hour - take care of errands, emails, etc. at lunch
1 hour - get home from work, get Clare, get Clare out of her coat etc..
.5 hours - get dinner ready and eat (a slight underestimate)
1.5 hours - play with Clare, bath her get her ready for bed (alternate that with clean-up dinner, make lunches, get dinner ready for the next night)
1 hour - Chores (basis stuff like laundry, groceries, dusting vacuuming)
1 hour - PushPull stuff (choreogrpahy, practice, Producer tasks)
1 hour - Spending time with Rob
1 hour - Spending time with friends
1 hour - Working on 'bigger projects' around the house
.5 hours - Working on 'craft projects' that become gifts down the road
.5 hours - Exercise
.5 hour - stare into space because I'm too tired to do anything but feel like going to bed now would be 'too early'. Or sometimes, actually go to bed.
7 hours - sleep

Sum = 26 hours


Talk to you soon,



Kevin said...

You should talk to Dion... I remember when we were living at the "pendulum" he actually had effectively implemented a 26 hour day. He would get up about two hours later every day, and about once every two weeks would effectively lose a day.

Rebecca said...

Isn't that a 22 hour day?

Kevin said...

No.... I think that would be getting up two hours earlier every day... and then gaining a day every couple of weeks?