Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Part Two

On December 25th, we celebrated Christmas with my Mum (Clare's Nana) and the family -

Clare got a sled from Santa

And a kitchen from Nana, Poppa, and Mac

She really likes all the kitchen tools. The lacrosse/hockey net, sticks, and ball she got from her uncle are staying in the box for a little bit longer..

This is Clare's Christmas outfit. Given to us by Uncle Christian when Clare was born. She wore the pink sweater from Nana only for a few minutes. Clare thought it was too hot in the house for wool. The tights didn't last long either.

Of course, Clare's a very lucky girl and she got lots of new clothes, books, and toys from everyone. She seems to really like all of her new things. Thanks to all the aunties and uncles!
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