Friday, November 14, 2008

I Can Relax Now

Well, you know, relatively speaking... as relaxed as I ever get. :)

We found a daycare that can likely take Clare in January or February! Hooray! Hooray! I visited the place last night and liked it. It's one of the nicest of the places I've seen so far. Definitely in the top 3. It's just kind of inconveniently located. It's gonna take Rob and I, each of us, out of our way by about 30 minutes each day (Rob in the morning for drop-off and me in the evening for pick-up). But - we've got a spot! Now, if something 'better' does come along .. we might even get to be choosy!

If you're interested, you can visit the centre's website here.

Ok.. as I re-read this, I think I'm overstating. We haven't paid a deposit or anything.. and I certainly don't want to tempt fate. There is a chance that something could go wrong, something could fall through. But, if we play the odds.. they are good, good, good. The supervisor says that she'll have to call us to come in and sign-up when it's 'official' which would be about 3 weeks before Clare's start date. But, there are 3 kids moving out of the infant program in January and February and I'm on the top of the waiting list and there aren't any siblings coming through right now (kids who would get priority over me). So.. it's as close to a done deal as we're gonna get, without it actually being sealed. I just don't want to get too overconfident and then get bitten in the you-know-where.

Wild. (Can you tell how torn I am about whether to jump up and down and hoot and holler or whether to be cautious?)

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

The one good thing about this being close to home is if she still needs daycare when she starts school you still have this and she won't have to change. I know here not all schools have the Y daycares in them.