Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bummer of a Day

I'm not exactly sure how it started really.. but I felt a bit grumpy even before lunch. I think it was the phone calls to daycares to get on some more waiting lists. Searching for childcare gets me in a pretty foul mood. I got even grumpier during lunch. Then, after lunch, I had this crummy meeting with my boss. Things definitely got worse after that.

I got on the streetcar to come home and things were looking up. I was making a lot of progress on the seams of a sweater for Clare (I knit it before she was born, it's about a 12 - 18 mo size, all that I had to do were sew up th sleeve seams). That was, until I brushed this piece of funny dust off the sleeve. Something looked weird. On closer inspection, the little bit of dust was actually a cocoon. It's inhabitant: a moth. A moth who'd apparently had a nice meal before setting up house. There are 3 very large holes in the fabric of the sleeve. The yarn was a hand painted (and by that I mean unique) wool that I used in its entirety for the sweater. I don't have a smidge left to fix the hole. As near as I can tell, the sweater is irreparable, and now needs to be tossed. Sigh.

And tonight's class at PushPull was ballet. Blech.

Talk to you soon,


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Eve said...

ick to the moth. sorry about that.
hope things have been looking up. miss you. :)