Sunday, October 26, 2008

9 months

Clare turned 9 months old two weeks ago. Though we're a little late with this post.. well.. you know the adage. Here's what Clare is doing now that she's 9 months od:
  • She has 5 teeth and a 6th well on its way.
  • She's crawling and cruising quite a bit. She's very mobile - sitting to standing, tummy to sitting and all those other combinations. She's also starting to get the idea of climbing in her head. I've caught her a couple of times, up on her tip toes with one knee raised. So far, her legs are too short to really get her into any trouble.
  • Playing with her own toys is getting a bit passe. She looks for just about any item in a room that she shouldn't be playing with and tries to play with that instead.
  • She's still walking with the assistance of adult hands wherever and whenever she can. She can even walk while holding on to only one hand and she walks along with the little push toy we bought her.
  • We're pretty sure that she says "Hi" and "Dada" it's just not entirely clear yet whether she knows what she's saying or if she's just making the right sounds.
  • She's standing in her crib now. She often throws Mr. Bun to freedom and then stands up to look at him lying there on the floor.
  • She's starting to eat meat and fish and absolutely loves it. We can barely keep up with her at mealtime, most days. She loves to eat. As Rob points out though, not AT ALL like her Mummy, Clare likes to eat entirely mixed up. She's a parallel eater - without question.
  • She's getting pretty expressive. She has lots of ways of telling us what she wants and more importantly what she doesn't want (she raspberries us)
  • One thing she definitely doesn't want these days is to sit still for diaper changes. It's getting a little out of hand. The usual bit of entertainment we give her isn't enough to keep her still anymore.
OK - talk to you soon!


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