Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Despite having a brutal cold that's kept her pretty cranky for the past few days, Clare has been having some fun this weekend. Yesterday she took her Dad and Mum to see Wall-E at the movies (she slept through the whole thing though). Today's main event though was her first experience with solids. She managed to get much more in her mouth and belly than on her face and in her hair which didn't make for as good pictures. Here are a couple of good ones --

This was her first bite

She wants to try it herself and is enjoying chewing on the spoon
as much as what's on the spoon.

Smiles! But taking a bit of a break.

We didn't capture it very well in pictures but she did really like the food. She smiled through a lot of the experience and gobbled most of it down. At one point she seemed so excited about the spoon coming back to her mouth and getting what was in the bowl that she was shaking!

Talk to you soon,


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