Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot Hot Hot!!

Today is Indrani and Geoff's wedding. And this is their wedding cake. The Bride and Groom wanted a very hot, bright, colour palette. They described what they wanted to me in this way: "We want something really really bright and impressive looking. We'd rather it look impressive than taste great. We want something hot hot pink, almost fuschia, with a yellow border, and the flowers on it to be hot pink, yellow, purple, and red like the other colours in the bouquets." I was actually imagining something like the colour schemes in the images below. Because the flowers were such a key component to the cake I decided to work with their florist, Aleya from Aleya's Floral Design.

I found it a bit nerve wracking working on the colours separately from the flowers. I was worried that they wouldn't match. My fears were evidently, unfounded. Aleya and I must have been psychically connected this weekend. I think though, that the cake would have 'shown' better or maybe just matched my vision better, if there had been even more colours in the arrangements. Kind of like the ones show here. In the end though, the cake worked seamlessly with Indrani's colour scheme. I didn't get to see her face when she saw it, but I'm confident that Aleya and I achieved Indrani's vision - and that's the only one that counts!

I also owe a HUGE HUGE thanks to Susanna. My colour skills aren't quite what they ought to be and so Su came by to give me a hand with the tinting. That fushia/pink colour was a challenge to achieve. I dug myself into a bit of a dusty purple hole at one point that I just couldn't seem to get out of. In the end, I wasted about a batch and a half of buttercream to said 'dusty purple'. And I have about half a batch of buttercream left in the fushia colour. Crazy cupcakes anyone?

Oh yeah - the cake was vanilla with dulce de leche filling and vanilla buttercream filling. It tastes sooooo yummy!

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Anonymous said...

It looks much better than you said. It is a great job - once again! The girls at work still say that the will eat any cupcakes coming their way regardless of the colours.

I am so proud of you!!!!!


Eve said...

Beautiful cake, Becks! another job awesomely well done! :)

oh and i'll take a cupcake! yum. cupcakes in dusty purple buttercream are my'd ya know?! lol.
miss u :)