Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Daniella and Evan

Here's a pic of the wedding cake I worked on all last week. I had a lot of help from Derek with the stand and Susanna with the stencil. Thanks! The cupcakes are the ones I'd mentioned before, a chocolate cake with whipped caramel filling and topped with either meringue or vanilla buttercream. The meringue topped cakes were then dipped in chocolate. Yumm! I ate a ridiculous number of 'the spoils'. And there were quite a few 'spoils'. If you look closely those cups that the chocolate dipped cupcakes are in are paper souffle cups, aka nut and party cups, aka very large versions of those ketchup containers from McDonald's. They are starting to catch on as cupcake cups but they posed a few problems for me. They are much much less forgiving than the standard pleated ones. The smallest of variability in batter volume or oven temperature ended in a mess. Also, it turns out that you can't really peel these cupcake liners. Guests would have had to use a knife and fork. Ok at a wedding, maybe but kind of annoying at a family BBQ. I need to use them for the next wedding cake but hopefully not again for a while after that.

Talk to you soon,


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gina said...

Becky, I am constantly in awe of your cake creations!! I've been challenged by my team to bake a cake (for them) and they promised to eat whatever I create. Do you have any suggestions for clumsy hands? :)