Sunday, April 13, 2008

PushPull Shower

The guys and gals from PushPull (the dance company I belong to) threw Clare and I a baby shower yesterday. It was postponed from it's original date of January 19th. Clare and I wanted to make it that day but she decided to arrive a bit early and we were at home recovering from the birth! At any rate, it was nice that she could be there for her party. We had a really wonderful time enjoying an afternoon tea at the Royal York hotel. Clare thought that the hotel was particularly captivating with so many lights and shiny surfaces. It really was a beautiful afternoon.
This is a shot of Clare in her tea party outfit

And this is Clare modeling one of the gifts from the shower - her very own PushPull Dance shirt. Does she look ready for tap class?

These are the PushPull 'Moms' in August 2007 - aka: "The Before Shot"

And here we are yesterday at the shower - aka: "The After Shot"

These pictures and more are in my Picasa Album.

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