Sunday, April 13, 2008

Knitting Bag

On Thursday, it was expected to arrive, but I had plans to be out all day. I figured I'd miss it. When I got home at 4pm there was no note on the door. I was looking forward to showing it around on Thursday at rehearsal. When Rob arrived at 5:30 - there was a UPS notice claiming a delivery attempt at 4:43. Did they not knock! How could I not have heard! They promised to try again after 2pm the next day.

I awaited it's arrival anxiously on Friday. I posted a sign: "Please knock loudly. I'm home! Thanks". I expected it to arrive at 4:43 knowing that these delivery routes are fixed and very well timed. At 4:44 I said to Rob "Well, 4:43 has come and gone!". I stared out the window, longingly. At 4:45 the UPS employee opened the gate and brought me my fabulous new knitting bag. It sits on my shoulder! It doesn't drag on the ground when I hold it dangling from my hands! It holds all my knitting things! I am a happy girl.
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