Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clare's Baptism

Clare was baptized today. We invited family and friends to join us at the church for Mass and to be witness to her big day. For Clare, I'd say it was kind of her first 'show'. It had a costume change and everything, and for her part she was great. She didn't complain the whole day despite lots of people, noises, kisses, and missing some of her nap time. She was startled by the water being poured on her head but she didn't seem to mind too much. She mostly slept through the oil anointing. Really, our girl is a champ!

Here's a pic of Clare in her 'before' outfit - a gift from Lynn
Here's us with our girl in her 'after' outfit.

There are, of course, a tonne of other pictures from the day over at my Picasa Album. As you can see in the photos it was a really lovely day. The weather was beautiful so everyone could move in and out of the house comfortably which made seating a lot easier. I think our guests enjoyed themselves. The food turned out well, though I could have ordered more. My mum and Rob's mom and Cynthia did almost all of the pre-clean and clean-up so I had very little work to do. Clare enjoys being around people, I think, so she had a great time being passed from one set of arms to another.

It was, of course, kind of a big deal and so I was kind of stressed about the whole thing. Clearly, it was unnecessary since it all went smoothly, more or less. I had lots of good support around but I think I might have grouched at a couple of them. I'm still working on that 'grace under fire' bit.

Hope everyone else got to enjoy the weather today!

Talk to you soon,
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