Tuesday, March 25, 2008


If you remember, I've been taking pictures of Clare every month as a way of documenting her ever-changing self. Here we see how much she's changed in the last month. Most notably, she has much less hair. Her complexion also seems to have lightened, though her eye colour hasn't changed yet. Not even a hint. And of course, Clare continues to fill out and to get longer. Apparently, she still likes to look to the right.

Clare at one month old

Clare at two months old (last Monday, which was also Macker's bday)

I took this picture on Saturday. At this age, she's really starting to show her personality. She has her smiley and happy phases as seen here...

She also has her serious, concentrating phases.
(in this picture and the one above, she's being entertained by the mobile above her crib. It plays 'Bridge over troubled water' and is a gift from Doug and Jo)
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