Friday, February 08, 2008


I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed today. That's not to say that I'm in over my head or anything. Usually for me, overwhelmed is the feeling that pops up when I am tired. It comes as a mixture of being overambitious and being hard on myself when I can't get done as much as I'd hoped. Being tired just puts me over the edge - since I want to do more but feel just so tired. Instead, my brain starts making a ridiculous list of 'tasks' that really should have been done already or should have been done better when I'd done them in the first place and I'm then convinced that they need to be redone. Just as an example, at times like these, I'm not only convinced that the house is dirty - but that every room needs to be painted and redecorated. You know - stuff that'd take at least 5 years to actually get done! And to be clear - this one of Rob's least favorite of my moods. However, it is usually him who talks me back to reason.

'Overwhelmed' and 'emotional' have been creeping up on me these past couple of weeks. Most of the time it's not even a 'bad' overwhelmed but more of a feeling of overwhelming joy and happiness. I'm sure it's all part of the 'postpartum' package. For me though, it hasn't been depressed or even really 'blue'. Just overwhelming emotions. (And nothing that a warm bevvy doesn't fix). (And by warm bevvy I mean, coffee, tea, hot chocolate .. I'm not sipping toddy's or anything!)

So, in the context of this blog - the list of things I've been meaning to post about is very very long. It might take a week or even 5 to catch-up. That's definitely overwhelming! In other words, stay tuned, there could be lots more posting to come. For now, I want to show you what came in the mail from Lellean -

A package of Trumpette's Mary Jane socks!

And a pair of Trumpette's white Mary Jane tights!

So cute! Thanks Lell!

Talk to you soon,


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