Sunday, January 20, 2008


Clare was checked out by our midwife yesterday. She's gained 1 oz already. I don't know much about these things, but Esther tells us that makes her an overachiever at breastfeeding. Sadly, she's not much of an overachiever at nighttime. I can't complain too much, I mean, she's only a few days old, but the nighttime stuff is a bit hard. She eats well and fast but then takes a loooong time to get herself back to sleep. And really, she mostly won't go back to sleep unless she's held or rocked or something. It makes for not much sleeping for me. We're trying to find our groove: figure out what the magic is around her staying sleepy and going to sleep quickly after her nighttime feedings.

We've been taking pictures but don't have the best setup yet for positing them. Sadly, my Mac OS is version 3 and Picassa only works with version 4 or higher. I'm going to have to get myself set-up on Rob's computer before this process becomes more seamless. Meanwhile, here are a couple. I emailed most of these out already... so likely you've seen them. But.. just in case...

Clare ready to head home from the hospital

Clare getting weighed

Clare and Dad bonding after birth

Clare and Mum on their way home.

I always wondered why the heck people post these horribly unflattering pics after birth. I think I kind of get it now. I mean, Rob and I certainly would normally NOT post a picture of ourselves so disheveled and unshowered and tired looking. But the fact is.. the occasion is momentous enough that you just kind of feel compelled. I promise you though, Rob and I have better hair today. And we'll both be getting haircuts soon.

Last but not least - some sweet tiny feet!

Talk to you soon,


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