Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ok.. it's getting difficult now

Most of this pregnancy, I've felt that it was much easier and more pleasant than I expected - sometimes like I wasn't carrying a baby at all. However, I feel like a switch got flipped this week. All of a sudden, I feel very pregnant. I'm often uncomfortable these days, due to the overcrowding. Tying up my shoes is becoming practically an impossible task. There's a lot more pressure on my bladder now than any other time during the pregnancy. I'm tired often, just like in the first trimester. I waddle. My lower back is tight and gets sore easily. I overheat in an instant and I'm generally too hot most of the day. And the worst of it - my ankles are as puffy as they've ever been in my life (that includes post-injury). In fact, it kind of looks like I don't have ankles, my calves just extend right into my feet.

For those of you who read this blog who know the incident to which I'm referring: I feel like I have ankles that would make even Kern proud (or perhaps give him a run for his money?)

A work colleague of mine thinks that this is nature's way of preparing women for the delivery: make them as miserable as possible so that they feel motivated to just 'get the kid out'. Me, I'm just perplexed about why my body would be asked to complete what is likely one of the most physically demanding tasks it's ever been asked to complete when it's also in the worst physical condition it's ever been!

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

You should not have swelling like that!!! Maybe a bit more rest is required - like staying off those little feet.