Friday, December 14, 2007

Ok..Enough with the House Already

You're bored of pictures of the progress in the kitchen, right? Yeah.. me too. At least for now. However, I'm sure there will be a couple more before the weekend is out. You can distract yourself with the splendor that is the image I attached today.

It's very close (past?) my bedtime and since I haven't blogged yet - and I am trying to blog through Advent - I thought I'd better say a little something. This reminds me that while Rob and I have been trying our hardest to stick to our Advent plans, tonight was the second night we were unable to proceed with the 'event' of the evening. We were supposed to go for a walk after dinner to look at Christmas lights (and why the decorated house pic is relevant today) but he was working downstairs and I was working upstairs and neither of us had energy for anything else.

I've been trying to do little odds and ends of things around here but it was tough because I feel very pregnant tonight which for me means feeling pretty tired. I decided to take it easy on myself and took lots of breaks and chatted on the phone as I worked to nearly anyone I know outside of the city who would talk to me. Incidentally, I had a very nice chat with Eve's mom for about 20 minutes; since Eve wasn't home when I called her. I think perhaps a busy week at work coupled with lots of reno stuff in the evenings coupled with a bit of a Christmas shopping marathon yesterday got me a bit worn out.

But now (!!) I'm off to la la land, the land of zzzzz's, to rest up and prepare for the day ahead tomorrow. It's going to be a great sleep!

Talk to you soon,


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