Monday, December 03, 2007

Belly Update

These photos were taken today at 32 and a half weeks pregnant. The photos come at the request of Cynthia. Not sure how I feel about them.. they are definitely more unflattering than I'm normally comfortable with. And, not to mention they don't show the parts of me that didn't get bigger - they only show the parts that did!

Actually, normally I'm pretty comfortable with my new shape. It only really comes as a bit of a shock when I see the photographic evidence.

Belly shot #1 also shows off the new haircut!

Belly shot #2 makes it obvious that I'm having a bit of trouble keeping a straight posture!

See - being pregnant isn't so bad!

Talk to you soon,



Pam said...

You look GREAT Becky! =)

Karen Lew said...

You look wonderful in all of them but Belly Shot # 3 is my favourite.

Cynthia said...

thanks for putting the pix on the site. i think you look beautiful!