Monday, October 01, 2007

Rochester Part Two: The After Show

(part one of this story was posted yesterday. Check it out by scrolling down if you haven't seen it yet)

So, after the SYTYCD show I wanted to try to meet the cast. Last year, Kelly got autographs and photos and I wanted some too. So, when I heard in the ladies room from an 8 year old girl that they'd be signing at the stage door I got all the info I could from her and then followed the small crowd to the back of the building. There were probably 400 or so people there waiting to meet the cast along with Rob and I. The majority of them were from Buffalo - dancers and their parents from Neil's studio. We all waited a long time for the cast to make their way outside but eventually they came out. I was about 4 rows of people away from actually getting to meet anybody. This is the picture of how sad I was when I thought there was no way I was going to get to meet any of the cast.

But I was very patient and waited and waited. Then, finally, it all worked out! I got pictures! I got autographs! And here they are:

I missed pictures of Danny, Neil and Dominic but otherwise I think I did pretty well. We had to wait until 12:30 just to get these and I think those other guys were tired and had to get on the bus. Well, Neil was pretty busy with all of his fans there. And he was still signing when we left but everyone else had climbed on the bus. I did manage to get a tummy rub from Sabra. I asked her to bless Bean with some of her dance talent. I sure hope it works!

Talk to you soon, B.


Karen Lew said...

Looks like fun!

Um. How to put this? Er... Are the dancers all coming down to you? or are they just not very tall?

Karen Lew said...

Holy cuffless toques, Batman!

Rebecca said...

The dancers are mostly short. I was in heels mind you. But Sabra - the shortest - is 5'1". I think the tallest of the guys isn't even 6 feet. The tallest of the girls is taller than me, maybe 5'7?